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Truth or Myth: Your Questions Answers About Hearing Loss

Being able to hear the world around us is a gift that most people take for granted.  In fact, we really don’t even consider the possibilities of us losing our hearing to the point that we subject our ears and hearing to so much abuse it is surprising that more and more people aren’t doing deaf or experiencing Profound hearing loss.

To help you better understand some of the truths, myths and misconceptions you may have in regards to hearing loss here are some questions that will set you straight.

Only old people can suffer from hearing loss.  – False

Hearing loss can occur at any age and for any reason.  The loss of hearing is not tied to a person’s age but rather how sound effects their ears over the course of a lifetime.  The truth is that with a single loud noise perfectly timed you can experience partial or complete hearing loss at nay second.

When looking at the elderly and hearing loss many do begin to experience some form of hearing loss later in life.  However, this doesn’t prevent the possibilities of losing it at a younger age.

If people just spoke clearly I can hear – Myth

People speaking louder isn’t the issue with hearing loss.  There is a point of disconnect between what is spoken and the way that our ears work.  If there is damage to the inner ear someone speaking louder isn’t going to make that defect or damage go away.  It may be true if they speak louder the sound created may become clearer to you but at the end of the day if the damage to the ear is not repaired it doesn’t matter how loud someone shouts.

I don’t need a hearing aid if I can hear okay – Myth

Just because you are hearing okay doesn’t mean that additional hearing loss can occur.  When you start to experience hearing loss it is very important that you go and get your ears checked.  When you have your ears checked by a professional they can see what is causing the issues and come up with a plan to reverse or stop the damage.  If you wait longer out of fear or cost then there may be no way to fix or assist you with your hearing.

Will hearing loss affect me in other ways?

Profound hearing lossdamage go away

True – When we experience hearing loss our balance and other motor functions may be impaired.  Few people know that our ears are what help us keep our balance.  Other research through Johns Hopkins has shown a coronation between hearing loss and dementia.  Further research on this is being conducted but early signs have shown this to be true in some patients.

When it comes to hearing loss the last thing anyone wants to do is live in a silent movie.  As we grow and age we want to enjoy everything that life has to offer us.  Losing our hearing is one of those thing you should be happy not to experience.